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sneezing is a symptom of allergies

If you’re sneezing then it could be due to food allergies or non-food allergies, but it is important that you know. It is going to be a bad spring for allergies, with doctors already seeing more and more people reporting allergies all around the world. It’s going to be a bad spring and summer for those of us who suffer from hay fever, but if it is not hay fever, what could it be? Coming into contact with any food or non-food items can cause someone to sneeze, so it is important that you take either an allergy test or a food sensitivity test.  

Severe symptoms and allergy tests

There are some severe symptoms which can affect how people live their work and social lives, and an allergy can actually affect the way a child behaves at school. Imagine if your child eats something that you have a food allergy to, and their grades and behavior are affected, it can be the worst thing to happen! So, if you are an allergy sufferer then you need to check out our allergy tests.

Headaches caused by allergies

Think back, if you have been eating certain foods all your life and are subsequently experiencing allergy symptoms but you never knew what was causing them. With a food allergy test, you can see if your symptoms will subside when you remove the highlighted items from your diet. Say goodbye to your bloated stomach, headaches and irritating stomach issues which could be alleviated with a test. Check out our website to find out more.

How to order an allergy test

Simply click here. It really is that simple. You send us a sample of your hair into our labs and then we analyze your hair sample for potential food intolerances. If you are really struggling with your symptoms and suspect that it could be food allergies then Test My Allergy can help.

For more info on allergies and intolerances, check out to find out more.