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allergies and intolerances on a rainy day

Even in the summer, we cannot control the weather. We can’t stop it raining, and we can’t stop it being cold. It is not as common, but if we are suffering from allergies, we need to know how to deal with them. Especially, because it is summer, we make family trips and plans regardless of the weather. There are many things we like to do, but what do we do if it starts raining? We don’t stop! It’s always nice to have everyone together for a fun day of activities! 

Food is always on the mind

Well, with big parties, food is always on the mind. Especially if you are someone who is suffering from allergies or you are with a person who has allergies. Imagine you are out and have a big meal but two of your party are allergic to nuts, whether it be tree nuts or peanuts. You might as well throw in almonds as an allergen as well. AND, it is not uncommon to be with someone who is allergic to dairy or has a wheat intolerance. So, what do you do?

Get tested for allergies

Before you go on a trip, you should probably ensure that you are not with anyone who is suffering from allergies or intolerances. It could be that these are life-threatening, or the symptoms will just ruin the day. Either way, you should never take a risk. However, what is important to note, is that allergies and intolerances are not only as a result of food. Non-food intolerances and allergies can be just as serious. This is why it is important to take note of the weather.

Planning ahead

If you do plan on a day out and your Test My Allergy results have seen you identify a food allergy or intolerance then you will need to plan ahead. Take your own food and prepare your food ahead of time. It may sound time consuming but it is so important. Remain safe with your allergies or intolerances, stick to all your safe practices which you would use in every day living. Living with intolerances and allergies can be scary, but it is always easy to manage them.

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