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Food allergy and intolerances at a BBQ can cause annoying symptoms. Make sure you are not one of the huge numbers of people suffering from a food allergy in America? If you are experiencing any possible symptoms then it is best to rule it out with a food intolerance test. Food intolerance symptoms include headaches, stomach cramps, fatigue or a bloated stomach. Intolerances and allergies are becoming widespread with the symptoms becoming even more complex. Make sure you can understand your symptoms today with one easy to use comprehensive intolerance test. Put your food allergy or intolerance symptoms to one side.

Send us your hair sample

Once you have ordered your intolerance test, you will be emailed a test submission form which you need to fill out and send back to our UK laboratory. Along with the hair test submission form, you need to supply a couple of stands your hair (we do not need a clump) which we can then test in our bioresonance hair therapy machine. Find out fast if you have a food intolerance with an intolerance test today. If you think that it might be a food allergy then we do recommend that you consult a health professional immediately.

Order your intolerance test now

If you are not sure if you have a food intolerance or a food allergy then we can recommend an intolerance test to help you discover the cause of the issues that you are facing. Our comprehensive and detailed results report aids you in changing your diet, lifestyle and even the environment that you find yourself in. Using our proven bio-technology, our professional lab is able to test for over 600 food and non-food items. Just send us a sample and we will do the rest!

The steps of identifying your intolerance or food allergy

It really is honestly this easy to potentially identify your symptoms. Select your allergy and intolerance test online, then download the test from your order confirmation email. This then means that you can take a hair sample and mail it to us along with the submission form. Taking a hair sample shouldn’t hurt, and we do recommend that you have someone alongside you to ensure you do not harm yourself. The final step is when you get your results which give you a breakdown of the items identified, and the percentage of your intolerance. Put your food allergy or intolerance to one side with our home-to-lab intolerance test.

For more information on getting hold of your intolerance test, you can log on to and have a look around our website, or order a test today!