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Suffering pollen allergy or hay fever

Spring has arrived and summer is now not far away! It is never too early to prepare for Hay Fever, so if you know that you suffer from a pollen allergy then it is important that you check out these stats and facts on ways to minimise your hay fever suffering. We hope the list from the Met Office helps you to deal with your potential allergy symptoms:

Shut out the pollen

Make sure you close your windows at night to stop bad particles getting in. It could be annoying when it’s hot outside but to keep your hay fever symptoms away, it is necessary. If your home turns into a greenhouse,  it can be irritating but it will also be beneficial. Most pollen falls to the ground in the evening when the air cools down, so close your window to keep it in the trees.

Cover your face

This may be an odd one, but it does help! You should wear sunglasses in order to keep the pollen out of your eyes, and it will also stop them running and causing you to feel itchy. If you are gardening, then it is probably advisable that you wear a mask. It is also advisable that if you feel it necessary to dry your clothes outside, that you wear a mask or sunglasses to stop the same issue. Shake your clothes thoroughly before taking them back in to make sure there are no remnants of pollen in your clothes.

Clean, sleep, clean, repeat

Tidy up your house by hoovering and vacuuming regularly, ensuring you get rid of all the pollen that your pets may have potentially bought in, and also wash your pets thoroughly in the bath or shower to guarantee there is no pollen left. You should shower and wash your hair after going outside as well, to ensure you don’t have any pollen on your body.

Find out more about allergies and hay fever

To find out if you have a pollen allergy or may be suffering from hay fever, then you can order an allergy test from Test My Allergy. Check out all the information you need on our website here.