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There are a lot of reasons to simply stick your head in the sand when it comes to dealing with something as frightening as a food allergy, but the reality is that food allergies are always serious.  They can be life-threatening without warning and understanding just what you are dealing with is going to be an important way to make sure that you are prepared for any possible reactions that you may have.  Luckily for you, you don’t need to go with the big, scary lab-based test anymore.  You can do a good sample home allergy test instead!  While it seems to be too good to be true, it really is possible and it can save you a lot of stress and frustration while getting a confirmed diagnosis.

What is a home allergy test?

A home allergy test is as simple as it sounds: it is a test that you do at home using a blog sample.  At Test My Allergy Australia, we can provide testing through the use of IgE allergies right from home.  You simply go to our website and order a test.  The kit is delivered right to your door and you follow the instructions.  Everything you need for the test itself will be included in the kit.  This includes an alcohol wipe, an absorbent pad, a plaster, a blood card with two spots on it, 2 lancets for your finger prick, and a return envelope complete with an activation card.  Once you have the test completed, you send it back to our labs and we will use to test against our allergen library and then email you the results in 7 days from receiving it.

How does an IgE blood test work?

It seems strange that a few finger pricks of blood would be enough for proper allergy testing, but that’s the magic — that is really science — behind IgE blood testing.  The test itself focuses on what scientists believe to be the interaction between the IgE antibodies and a specific trigger (in this case, a food ingredient) [1].  Other studies have suggested that IgE is considered to be the central figure within an allergic response, so by studying its levels when tested against food ingredients, we can understand what you are allergic to without you having to have a reaction yourself [2].

That is, a lot of professionals would give an oral test where you would eat your suspected allergen in a medical environment while equipment tracked your response as it happened in your body.  Of course, those that had severe allergies found this kind of test to be pretty terrifying.  The oral test is still done quite often and it is an effective test to diagnosing allergies.  However a home allergy test that relies on out-of-body testing through IgE testing is more comfortable and just as accurate — if not more so — than the competition.

How effective is an IgE blood test?

As far as modern testing is concerned, IgE blood testing is very effective  Studies show that these tests are really helpful helping specialists to understand which food ingredients cause a heightened antibody response, and that heightens response is easily monitored and measured to be able to give you the reliable results that you’re looking for [3].  When you know what is causing the increased reactions specifically, you’ll be able to avoid those specific triggers and enjoy a reaction-free life.  

It’s thought that IgE blood testing is so effective, it could help with immunotherapy [3] and even combatting allergic disease in the future [2], studies show.  As such, when it comes to its effectiveness in diagnosing allergies, you can’t get much better for accuracy.

That being said, it’s important to note that no single kind of allergy test is going to be able to confirm allergies with 100% accuracy.  If you are looking for that kind of certainty, the best method is to try a two-test method.  For this, you would choose two or three testing methods and do all of them.  You would cross-reference the results with each other and, hopefully, the test results would line up.

Benefits of a home allergy test

If you need more convincing, here are some more benefits to consider a home allergy test to get the results you need.

  • It’s on your own schedule: You won’t need to make time for going to a clinic, you can do this when you’re free, in your pyjamas, on the couch if you want to.  Convenience is comfort, especially for a medical test!
  • It’s fast and stress-free: The testing and result process are fast and stress-free, even if you are someone who doesn’t like needles.  No weeks of waiting or complicated medical-laden explanations that don’t makes sense.
  • It’ll get you the results you need:  The results and guidance you’ll get with the test are personalized so that you’ll feel equipped to deal with any diagnosis that you do get.  Support is always available, too, if you need more clarification.

A home allergy test could be just what you need to get you the results you are looking for.  Order one today and see for yourself!


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