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sneezing is a symptom of allergies

Enough is enough. Allergies must be taken seriously. There are too many people expecting to just get over their allergies and intolerances, and there are so many people who do know what an allergy is. Whether it is seasonal or food-related, the time to increase awareness of allergies has never been more important. There have been fatalities, there have been life-changing events, mostly down to allergies. 

Stories about allergies

Recently, over in the UK, there has been a spate of deaths in the past year due to allergy-related issues. One particular story is heartbreaking, with a young boy not coping well with an allergy and ending up experiencing a severe reaction called anaphylaxis. Sometimes anaphylaxis can be life-threatening if not treated, and in this particular case, it was. This is why we believe that dealing with allergies and intolerances is the most important thing. Identifying an intolerance is something you can do with Test My Allergy.

Read the ingredients

Despite being known to have an allergy to milk, the young child became ill and vomited after consuming just a few chunks of a candy bar. This emphasizes, even more, the importance of reading the label carefully. If you are experiencing well-known allergy symptoms, then you should always immediately consult a health professional or your doctor. Allergies are life-threatening and we would recommend seeking professional help if you have any doubt.

Intolerances are different from allergies

Intolerances are slightly different, if not more common. Food intolerances can be managed and eventually they will disappear if you adhere to the rules of an elimination diet. Symptoms of allergies usually would occur right away and will affect an individual in a physical way. Skin rashes, swelling, vomiting, and nausea happen after an allergen is ingested, but an intolerance might not occur until three days later.

Symptoms of intolerances

Symptoms of intolerance usually occur in the gut, with IBS a common result of food intolerance. Bloating, fatigue, tiredness, and headaches are also often the result of food intolerance, but people don’t always realize this and often dismiss it as a result of a coincidence.

Find out more about coping with intolerance and allergies by realizing what foods are causing you trouble. Test My Allergy work to help you discover the cause of your symptoms, just order your intolerance test and find out which foods your body cannot tolerate anymore.

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