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A bloated stomach can be caused by food intolerances

Test My Allergy are aware of what impact food allergies and food intolerances can have on your body and social life. Reuters have released a story stating that patients with food allergies may actually need mental health support, so we dug a little deeper. If you have been suffering from a bloated stomach or any other symptoms, check out the rest of the article below!

According to research, there are many patients who have been suffering from life-threatening food allergies that may feel anxious and feel like their symptoms (including a bloated stomach) are never going to go away. This doesn’t always have to be the case though, as it is rare for mental health professionals to be involved in the care of patients who are suffering from food intolerances or food allergies.

Do you know what a food allergy is?

A food allergy is not always the easiest to detect but some people do not know the difference between food intolerances and food allergies. Unfortunately, a bloated stomach can come about from both intolerances and allergies, so it is best to ensure you get everything in order. Test your food intolerances today with Test My Allergy, and discover a new way to improve your health.

Food allergies, although the symptoms do not appear life-threatening first, they can escalate very quickly. It is essential that you know that allergies can be lifelong and there is not a cure, but they can be managed. It is when your body is fighting against allergens and antibodies that would normally be perceived as harmless.

Do you know what food intolerance is?

Food intolerance symptoms can be very uncomfortable and it is not easy to identify what food is causing your intolerance symptoms without an intolerance test. Check out Test My Allergy to see how we can help. If you constantly eat the same food over and over again, then you are likely that you are going to develop an intolerance. Stop your bloated stomach from rearing its ugly head with Test My Allergy.

Find out more about food intolerance symptoms, including a bloated stomach, and food allergies with Test My Allergy right here.