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Food intolerances cause symptoms

Watch out for these FIVE major food allergens which you need to avoid if you think you may have a food allergy. They are incredibly common, but just because you are showing the signs and symptoms of an allergy, it doesn’t mean you have one. It is always best to rule out a food intolerance before consulting your doctor about food allergies. Check out the famous five below:


Often found in a load of foods which make up the majority of the Western Diet, you need to take an intolerance test to make sure that you do not have an intolerance. There are often cereals, bread and cakes which contain wheat, and these are what you need to look out for. We test for all these items, make sure you do not have a food intolerance them by ordering an intolerance test here.


Often confused with dairy, eggs are not a dairy product. They are often found in cakes, sometimes in meat dishes, but also mayonnaise pastries, and of course typical egg dishes like scrambled eggs, fried eggs and boiled eggs! A major facet of the western diet, an egg intolerance could affect both your work and social life with all of the symptoms you suffer from.


Find out if you need to avoid fish by ordering an intolerance test today. WIth fish being one of the more common foods that people eat, identifying whether or not you have an intolerance to fish could set you on your way to becoming a happier and healthier you. Find out more about intolerances here.


Everyone loves milk. Whether it be on its own, part of a drink, or an extra ingredient that you add to your food, find out what a food intolerance test can do for you today. Used in both butter, cream, cheese, and milk powders, milk can also be in powdered soups and sauces. Because it is so often a hidden ingredient, it is vital that you recognize whether or not you have a food intolerance.


The world is going nuts. Not to be mistaken with peanuts, people with a nut allergy or intolerance can be in serious trouble. A nut allergy is extremely common and causes life-threatening symptoms. Find out more about food allergies and intolerances here.

Food Intolerance

For more information on food intolerances, you can log on to and order your intolerance test here